As medical and dental costs continue to rise and your insurance plans cover less and less, did you know that the cost of treatment in Thailand is still very affordable? For those of you who need dental work, cosmetic surgery, or any other number of medical treatments, you might want to think about coming to Thailand and having the procedures done here.

The BANGKOK PATTAYA HOSPITAL treats over 250,000 foreign patients each year. I have been going there since 2005 and I have them keep tabs on my cancer at the OTO and ENT sections. I have had
everything from X-RAYS (About $50.00 with the Doctors office call) to CTSCANS (by the way CT%u2019s run from $150.00 to $275.00).

The DENTAL section is outstanding. I have had several teeth rebuilt for about $32.00 each. Several of our members have also had dental work done from crowns to implants and are very pleased with the work.

Their web site is WWW.BANGKOKPATTAYAHOSPITAL.COM and their e-mail address is INQUIRY@BGH.CO.TH.You could contact the hospital directly and make your treatment and travel plans to Thailand.

What the 46TH SFCA can do for you is pick you up at the airport, make hotel and tour packages and make you feel at home while you are here. You can combine your treatment with a vacation at the same time. You may even want to visit some of the 26 schools we support.

If you need a travel agency to assist with your travel arrangements, the agency used by the 46th SFCA is Marysville Travel. Our travel agent is LYNN DYE at LYNN@MARYSVILLETRAVEL.COM or 1-800-568-7477.

Check with your CPA%u2019s, you might find that a medical trip to Thailand may be tax deductible and BANGKOK PATTAYA HOSPITAL accepts TRICARE and many other insurance coverage's.
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